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Treatment Services
Dr. Zaytsev has extensive experience working with children, adults, couples, and families. She does not generally espouse one particular theoretical orientation, but instead when approaching her patients, she evaluates them from the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model. Dr. Zaytsev believes that a person is a product of his/her environment, thus making it important to address a presenting issue on multiple levels in order to facilitate healthy adjustment and function within the existing milieu.
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Behavior Modification
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Grief Counseling
The goal of a behavior modification program is to change and adjust behavior that is inappropriate or undesirable in some way. Behavior modification techniques are effective in treatment of impulse control problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder,  phobias, and anger management among others. Behavior modification strategies are successful with adults and children alike. For the best and most time efficient results child behavioral modification program typically involves regular parent participation in treatment sessions. 

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Coping & Adjustment
Psychotherapy has been proven effective in helping people tackle their problems ranging from general life stresses to adjustment to new medical diagnoses to symptom alleviation of particular mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. The teatment typically involves examination of patient's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors surrounding the stressful event. This exploration process coupled with instruction on corrective thought and stress management techniques  are key to improved coping and adjustment.
Grief is a natural reaction to loss. Each person responds to loss differently. While some people recover from grief on their own, others need professional help to cope with loss. If you struggle with a significant loss so much that it affects your ability to concentrate and carry out normal routines and you are experiencing overwhelming sadness, irritability, lack of trust and difficulty moving on, call for help.
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Play Therapy
Just like adults young children encounter problems and oftentimes they do not have the skills to express their fears and concerns. Their unresolved stresses frequently emerge as behavioral, emotional, and academic problems. Play therapy is a natural communication medium for children and thus a very effective therapeutic approach, in which children receive emotional support and can learn to understand more about their own feelings and thoughts. 


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